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In the Country of the Blind is Edward
Hoagland's acclaimed new novel:
"A treasure on multiple levels, the
novel leads us into its protagonist's sensory world with such ease, in-timacy, and humor the 83-year-old Hoagland—who is going blind him-
self—seems to be in our thoughts as much as we are in his. The incom-parable Hoagland's 25th book is not only one of the most rewarding
novels of the year, it's also one of the sexiest."
                    --Kirkus Reviews (starred)

                                            “Exquisite... a masterful work.”  

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Edward Hoagland (born December 21, 1932, in New York, New York) is an author best known for his nature and travel writing.  His non-fiction has been widely praised by writers such as John Updike, who called him "the best essayist of my generation," and Joyce Carol Oates: "Our Chopin of the genre."

Hoagland joined the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1951 and sold a novel about this experience, Cat Man, before graduating from Harvard in 1954.  After serving two years in the Army, he published The Circle Home, a novel about the boxing world of New York.  Soon after, he  took the first of his nine trips to Alaska and British Columbia.  During the 1970s he made the first two of his five trips to Africa.  After receiving two Guggenheim Fellowships, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1982. He is also a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Mr. Hoagland has taught at The New School, Rutgers, Sarah Lawrence, CUNY, the University of Iowa, U.C. Davis, Columbia University, Beloit College, Brown, and Bennington, beginning in 1963 and retiring in 2005.

 Discover Edward Hoagland's latest books:

The Devil's Tub: Collected Stories

Arcade, 2014

"Edward Hoagland's collected stories
are dazzling... the perfect pitch, the empathy
and real-world awareness... The writer cor-
nered me and dragged me into this glorious,
furious, believable yet incredible mess. I'm on
the sidelines, totally involved... every story has
its own intrinsic logic, every conclusion its
understated and elegant power punch. Read this
book, please."  --Ann Beattie

Available now at Amazon and in bookstores.

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"He is a marvelous writer... generous, full of odd detail, very moving... to read two pages of Hoagland at random is to know immediately that you are in the hands of a supremely tough-minded man and a man of perfect honesty."


"A writer born, a writer obsessed."

--Alfred Kazin

"Edward Hoagland is a strong, solid writer with a splendid feel for the intricacy, queerness and stubborn pertinacity of life. He is also, so far as I know, the best essayist working in our perishing republic."

--Edward Abbey

"America's most intelligent and wide-ranging essayist-naturalist."

--Philip Roth, London Sunday Times

"Edward Hoagland is a natural. His essays flow like running water, pure and clear."

--Studs Terkel

"One of the very best writers of his generation."

--Saul Bellow

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